Eavesdropping on real-life resale shopkeepers.

In case you ever wondered just why your friends love to resale shop (what, the monetary savings and the ecological benefits aren’t enough? The shopping local aspects of helping your community? The thrill of the hunt?), I’m going to let you eavesdrop on some consignment and resale shop owners as they answer a question from a peer in Ohio. She asked:

What do you like the best about being a resale shop owner?

Here are the answers she got on a private discussion board online:

That’s easy. It’s the friends I’ve made that I wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Love the variety of work. There’s never the same day twice.Resale shopkeepers love their job... and you!

I like how it’s made me more creative, patient and wiser.

I have made amazing friends I would never have met otherwise.

Oh, and there’s the treasure hunting every day, too.

Every day is like Christmas seeing all the great things coming in.

Love meeting people and helping them dress their children adorably but affordable!!

I love being my own boss…

… love the relationships we’ve built with both our consignors and customers

My staff and customers, that it still feels giddy when I get a really fabulous consignment, that our donations are helping a really great charity, and I’m not gonna lie… my WARDROBE!

I love the challenge. I do things today that I never even dreamed about.

Dressing mannequins and changing the decor in the store. Sort of like playing barbies and playing house all at once.

The best part of owning a resale shop is the way you can run your own show, make a reasonable living and be a positive influence in your store and community that you serve.

The best part is loving my job (even after all these years).

Thanks to so many shopkeepers, including these Sponsors at HowToConsign.com, the proprietors of Upscale Fashions in GA,  Remarkable Resale in IL, Repeat Street in IL and many other shops across the continent!

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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