Oh, you smell good… and appropriate!

Perfume is a best-seller at consignment & resale, says HowToConsign.orgOne of the most popular items in womenswear resale shops is… perfume!

Why? It’s called fragrance wardrobing… having a variety of scents, just like you have a variety of fashion looks. No longer is it all about your “signature scent”, as your mom or grandma would say. Change up your perfume when you kick off the stilettos and slip into the Toms… or vice versa.

But there are some concerns. Let’s call them the Ps & Qs of Perfume Wearing, or as this article concludes:

Fragrance wardrobing allows us to express the many sides of who we are in any given environment and mood. There is certainly no shortage of great choices in fragrances but it is when and how we wear it, that will give the biggest impact of all.

Read Being led by the nose – the etiquette of wearing perfume

then do two things: see if you have scents you aren’t wearing that you should pass on to someone else… and go see what perfumes you can buy, just barely-used, at your favorite consignment, resale, or thrift shop!

Vintage label image courtesy of olddesignshop.com

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