And he knew what he was talking about!

Nothing comes cheap, though the educated eye will always spot very nice things for the least money.    -Albert Hadley

Albert Hadley

Albert Hadley, a renowned interior designer whose brave and creative eye, distilling both classic and contemporary styles, made him a standard-bearing decorator for the rich and powerful in American society. Photo and text from The New York Times


Those friends of yours who always seem to find the best things when shopping resale?

You know, the ones who spot the cashmere in a sea of acrylic? The ones whose homes are ever-evolving into better quality furnishings? Whose closets and cupboards are full of found treasures that they are all too happy to tell you how little they paid for?

They’re the ones to go shopping with.

They’ll know the quality consignment shops, the best resale shops, and the primo thrift stores. Pay attention… and you’ll pay less for quality, distinctive new-to-you than you would mass-produced run-of-the-mill boring stuff at the mega-stores.

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