Buying your kids’ clothes with an eye for resale?

Kids are tough on their clothes. And tough on your family’s clothing budget too. on Buying Kids' Clothes for Resale

Every parent or caretaker quickly learns that

certain brands of children’s clothing hold up better

to the constant wear and washing needed, yet value is often a balancing act with the actualities of funds available.

Many close that budget gap by buying some or all of their children’s clothing in consignment, resale and thrift shops. Others, who choose new clothing, might want to shop with an eye for the resale value of outgrown or under-loved clothes so that they can get maximum value back when they recycle.

According to the recently-published “First Annual Resale Report” from online resaler,

If you’re hoping to recoup the most from your kids clothing spend, we recommend investing in these brands, which retain the best resale value over time: Gymboree, BabyGAP, Justice, Levis, GAP Kids, OshKosh, Lands’ End, Adidas, Limited Too and Rare Editions.

While we heartily recommend that you buy what you and your child like rather than sticking solely to “best-selling” brands, the report’s interesting, and we can certainly endorse their

expert tips on how to keep your clothes in great condition:

  • Try not to use hot water when washing clothes because color will fade more quickly.
  • Don’t overdo detergent because the residue can actually attract dirt.
  • Avoid shrinkage by only putting clothing in the dryer if you have to.
  • Purchase an electric lint shaver that can remove pills and signs of excessive wear.
  • Treat stains immediately before they set—especially grease!
  • Try to hand wash clothing with embellishments, or turn them inside out in the washer.
  • Wash all clothing before bringing or mailing it to a consignment shop.

Read the full report.

Is resale value your primary concern when buying your children’s clothes from a new retailer? Or, if you stick as much as possible to buying gently-used garments for the kids, are those brands the ones you most often look for?


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