A unique vision for this resale shop: Supporting schoolkids!

Recently, we sat down with Pamela J. Wilson, the owner of “For Arts’ Sake!” A New and Recycled Boutique.  The store supports local artists of all ages as well as the Melbourne Beach FL community.  In addition, a portion of the sales proceeds each month support local schools’ art and theatre programs which are in danger of being limited or eliminated altogether from Brevard County school curriculum.

Q.  What brought you to Melbourne Beach FL?

Pamela Wilson of For Arts' Sake in Melbourne Beach FLA.   I lived in Sarasota for 31 years so I’m technically a true Florida girl.  My late father lived on the east coast in nearby Grant/Valkaria area for 30 years.  When he became ill, I spent much more time in Brevard County and discovered the picturesque beaches, abundant parks and respect for historic buildings.  I was attracted to Melbourne Beach because of the small-town appeal.

Q. Why open a store?

A.  Having a store is something I’ve always wanted to do.  I’ve been an avid thrift and resale shopper for years. I like to work, be around people and give back to the community. When I moved to the area two years ago I thought about what type of “job” I would be happy doing the rest of my life;  “For Arts’ Sake!” was just a natural.

Q.  What do you sell at your store?

A.  Local artists’ and craftsmen’s work of course (jewelry, photography, knitting, paintings, candles, gift items and more), along with clothing for men, women and children, accessories, home décor, furniture, and many unique one of a kind items.  Our tag line is “A New and Recycled Boutique”  which explains the mix of repurposed and brand new items available in the store.

Q.  What is your favorite thing about the store?

A.  When I was little and company would come over to my house, whether they were young or old, relatives or not, I’d start dragging my favorite things from my room like “show and tell.”  All these years later I feel the same way when customers come in; it is my chance to show them what’s new and some of the special handcrafted items. I love it when customers are as excited about the art, jewelry, décor, gifts and clothing as I am.

Q: Why support local schools’ art and theatre programs?

A.  I wanted to give back to the community in some way.  Art, music and theatre always seem to be to be the first thing to go when schools’ budgets are cut and I want to contribute, even in a small way to keeping those programs going.

Q.  Are you personally an artist?

A.  LOL.  I can’t even draw a decent stick figure, but as far back as I can remember I’ve always had a love and appreciation of art, music and the performing arts.  I’ve spent a lot of time in art museums, love all kinds of music and enjoy local theatre.  I was encouraged by a grade school Art teacher for my watercolor abstracts and basically every project that I created whether you could tell what it was or not.  (At least it was colorful!)  I played the flute in the school band (only because my parents wouldn’t allow me to play the drums!) and acted in school plays and community theatre.  I’m grateful that my creativity was constantly reinforced.   I believe children form opinions of who they are at an early age and it is difficult to change their view of themselves, especially if it is negative, as they grow older. I believe art, music and theatre in schools go a long way in developing self-esteem in our young people, which is why I’m so passionate about giving to these programs.

Q.  How does a local artist or craftsmen go about consigning at your store?

A HowToConsign.com Treasured SponsorA.  Just give us a call and we’ll talk about your craft, what your price point is for the items you want to sell and whether or not your items would make a good addition to our local mix.  If it seems a good fit for both of us, we have you bring in 4-8 pieces.  We have a 60/40 consignment agreement with 60% going to the artists.

As you can see from Pamela’s answers, there are all sorts of ways that shopping local, and shopping resale, benefits so many more people than just the buyer and the business. Imagine… a place to support local artisans, pick up something unique for your family’s wardrobe, and help schoolkids appreciate the arts! For more on For Arts’ Sake, visit all three links at the HowToConsign Resale Directory & Zoomable Map.

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