Resale means Cash in your Pocket… well, really, cash in BOTH your Pockets!

How to consign tells you how to make, and save, cashLots of folks think resale just means saving money. Well, that’s always nice, and full pockets are a valid fashion statement, but did you know you can make money using resale too?

When you use a resale shop as your first choice when buying clothes for yourself or your family, or furniture and  decor for your home, you can

keep more cash in your pocket

because of the great values at consignment, resale and thrifts. Then,

stuff some extra cash in your pocket

when you recycle gently-used good possessions and you make money from things you no longer need or want.

Call or visit your favorite consignment or resale shop today to learn what they can use that you have just sitting around. Share the love, make some bucks. Peace, brother.

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