A Consignment Shop in your Pocket

Fifi's Amelia Island has an app!One of my personal favorite consignment shops on the Resale Shop Directory is Fifi’s Amelia Island, on that beautiful northeast Florida island near Jacksonville and St. Mary’s, Georgia.

There’s nothing like shopping in the old Florida wooden cottage that’s home to Fifi’s and meeting the cheerful owner Jessica. It’s a perfect addition to a day in Fernandina Beach, the quaint village on the island, or a visit to Amelia Island Plantation, the four-star resort just south of Fifi’s. Alas, not all of us are lucky enough to visit the beautiful island they call home…

but now you can carry Fifi’s around in your pocket with their newest addition…

Fifi’s has an app for Google and Apple phones where you can see what’s new, find the shop, check out their social media, learn about special events and even

shop wherever and whenever you like!

Get the Fifi’s app for your phone.

Does your favorite consignment, resale or thrift store have an app? Tell us about it in the comments!


Oh, that’s why they’re called ginger jars.

I always wondered why they’re called ginger jars. After all, who uses THAT much ginger?


A ginger jar is a Chinese porcelain jar with a wide mouth, a domed lid and a bulging, spherical body. Although the Chinese traditionally used the jars to store a variety of goods, the jars acquired the name “ginger jars” because they often contained ginger when they were exported to the West.

Historically, ginger jars held provisions, including not just ginger but salt, oils and other spices. In the West, ginger jars are mostly decorative rather than functional.  Read more

Ginger jars look great almost anywhere. HowToConsign tells you why they are called that....The different colors and motifs on ginger jars have traditional meanings. For example, white jars were wedding gifts and and yellow jars were intended as the most valued gifts, often to the Emperor. Here’s a good synopsis.

Now I know, and now I have a resale mission: using a collection of ginger jars as a canister set on my kitchen counter. Or maybe I’ll look for one to turn into a lamp.

If you love ginger jars too, go find some you love at your favorite consignment, resale or thrift shop!


Get inspired by the shapes and materials you can find in ginger jars.

Seriously now. Your closet?

There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about, and it’s kinda personal.

Your closet.Get the help your closet needs at a Professional Resale or Consignment Shop at HowToConsign.com

If it’s bulging with clothes and you have nothing to wear, it’s time for some editing, some subtractions and some fab new additions. That’s where the Professional Resalers on our Resale and Consignment Shop Directory come in…

the help you need to have the wardrobe life you’ll love.

Let them guide you in deciding what to pass on to others and what to add in to your closet to make

every day a good outfit day!

PS The same goes for your kids’ closets too. Why waste space on clothes and toys they aren’t using. Turn your Cluttered Closets into Cash with the help of your local consignment or resale shop… and don’t forget your charity-run nonprofits too!

But I need something new to wear RIGHT NOW!

Now comes the REAL dog days of August.

You’re loving the new fall fashions you’re seeing at your favorite resale shop, but you need something “new” to wear tonight or tomorrow, and it’s still HOT. If you have combed the shop for something summer-y, but the clearance racks are pretty well barren…

… check the scarf racks.

Did you know that you can turn scarves into pretty, floaty, summer-y fashions? Watch this talented lady and soon you will be saying,

“aw, it’s just a little something I whipped up…”


It’s time for Fall Fashions!

Yes, we know it’s not even Labor Day, but NOW is the best time to start your fall fashion shopping at your favorite consignment, resale or thrift shop. Why?

Because the best stuff comes in early in the season!

Let the fall shopping begin! NOW is the time to start thinking about your fall wardrobe, and here’s an infographic to get you started (Click to read The Ultimate Fashion Basics):


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Last outing before school starts?

If the waning days of summer have you and the kids doing all sorts of fun things in all sorts of fun places, take this tip and make it a family tradition before you pile into the car:

“Okay kids, you look great: SMILE!”

The Secret Life of Bag Sales

Chances are, right about now (or soon, ask your favorite consignment or resale shop), there’s some great buys offered during bag sale events.

What, you say? You don’t “need” anything?

Auntie Kate begs to differ. You need SO many things, you’re gonna be buying three bags full.

Tee shirts turn terrific:

(more on fashion the Resale Way)

A dismal dresser dispenses drinks:

(more on making your house a home the Resale Way)

Jeans just jolly us up forever:

(more on creating unique things the Resale Way)

Your little helpers just HAVE TO HAVE that even though it’s too short? Solutions galore:

(more on bringing up the kids the Resale Way)

And for more ideas on how to use your found treasures, check out our Pinterest Board on that very subject!