My most favorite Pin… and “Home with a History” idea

There’s nothing better, in my opinion, than a home which really is YOU… a Home with a History.

And here’s my favorite idea of all:

Scan Grandma's hand-written recipe cards, use thrift shop frames... and hang from black satin ribbons to show them for the gifts from your past that they are!

Scan Grandma’s hand-written recipe cards, use thrift shop frames… and hang from black satin ribbons to show them for the gifts from your past that they are! {Source}

Now, these framed bits don’t have to be family recipes… they could be love notes between your grandparents or pictures your children drew. But they are, without a doubt, part of your history… so they make your house a home, don’t they?

More Home with a History Ideas with resources from consignment, thrift, and resale shops.


Why USED is better than NEW

USED IS BETTER THAN NEW because it’s “wear-tested”: you know what it will look like after it’s been washed.
USED IS BETTER THAN NEW because the commercial sizing is out of it, giving a better feel to the fabric.
USED IS BETTER THAN NEW because you know how it’ll fit… you don’t have to “allow for shrinkage.”
USED IS BETTER THAN NEW because any allergies caused by synthetic coatings will be eliminated.

KISS: Keep it Summer-Simple!

Love this simple project you and the kids can do… and play!… together!

Garden stones tic tac toe from

All it is, is paving stones and some rocks the kids can find and paint Os and Xs on. Store the markers in a secondhand bowl or two from the local thrift store, and you can leave the entire game out all summer long.

(I found the image on Pinterest, but can’t find the creator. If you are that person, let me know so I can credit you!)

We’re just like magpies… only we want to show it off!

We resale shopping fools just love to collect up shiny objects, like magpies do. And then, we love to display them for all to admire.

What’s the object that really turns you on when you see one?

Is it small mirrors? Me too:

 Or experienced kitchen utensils?

 If you have an old dress form, imagine doing this!

Seriously? A GARAGE sale? What ARE you thinking?

Now, far be it from How To Consign to discourage you from finding a new and loving home for things that you just don’t love any more or can’t use right now. To say nothing of

those possessions that you must have been possessed to acquire.


After all, HTC is all about recycling, reusing, re-homing your material stuff.

But we want you to think twice, maybe even thrice, about having a garage sale, tag sale, yard sale, stoop sale… whatever you call them in your town.

Why is a garage sale an iffy proposition?

* Have you got the time? It’s not just the two days of getting up at the crack of dawn. It’s the prep time beforehand and cleanup after.

* Have you got the money to invest up front? Garage sales aren’t free. Supplies, ads, baby-sitters….

* Do you have enough items? “Unless you have enough items so that you can … make a couple of hundred dollars, … take the better items to a consignment shop and give the rest to charity for the tax deduction,” says Gary Foreman, Certified Financial Planner.Why a garage sale isn't always the best choice, from

* Is it too valuable for a yard sale?

* Are you willing to risk it? Damages, accidents, liability of strangers in your yard?

* Are you confident in your pricing?

* How are your haggling skills? 

* Is your timing good? Will people come to your sale?

* Do you live in the right place? How do the neighbors feel about it? Can you keep your home secure while you’re in the driveway?

* Is there a shop convenient to you that deals in that type of item? Check our Sponsors on the Resale Directory at, where you can utilize the services of a professional resale shop.


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