What can I do with…

There comes a time in the life of any possession when it’s no longer usable as is. And that’s the time to get creative! Some ideas for what you can do with:

Extra buttons: Trim a pillow, napkins, lampshade or café curtains for a “cute as a button” accessory! Or best idea yet: make a caterpillar!

Baby clothes become a unique family record.

Old jeans and flannel shirts? Who could possibly let them go? Here’s what to turn them into:

And then of course there’s the old stand-by, a cast-off dress shirt as a child’s craft smock. Even easier and more comfortable: a pillowcase art smock!


Is it time to get rid of it?

Not sure if you should get rid of it? Pack it away for 3 months, suggests HowToConsign.comSometimes it seems like our possessions possess us, instead of the other way around. If you are like the rest of us, there’s things you’ve accumulated that you really don’t need, want, or enjoy.

Although it can be hard to part with belongings, there’s a simple way to see if you truly care about something. Put it aside, away, out of sight, in a cupboard, closet, or storage area.

Three months later, go look at it.

Did you miss it? Do you still want it? Love it? Is it adding to the quality of your life? If not, call your local resale shop to see if it’s something they can find a good home for, at a profit to you. Chances are, one of our Sponsor shops can find someone who’s yearning for just that thing!

What size are you? Who cares?

The numbers don't matter when you shop consignment or resale, says HowToConsign.org

Each of these women weigh 154 pounds. Yet the size that fits them best is anywhere from a 10 to an 18.

What size are you? Who cares?

It’s just a number.

And an arbitrary one, as well. A size 10 from one manufacturer is a size 8 in another, and what was a few years ago a size 8, is now called a 4 to flatter those fashionistas who are fixated on the smallest possible number.

That’s why you’ll have better luck shopping for something that looks great on you if you shop in a consignment, resale or thrift shop, which will have a wider range of designers/ manufacturers than any new-merchandise store could afford to offer the public.

And that’s also why the most common advice, shopkeeper to shopper, is “Now be sure to check the sizes on either side so you don’t miss anything!”

If it looks good, if it feels good, if you love it, it’s your size.

No one in the world will ever peek inside your clothing and gasp at the number printed there!

Photo source unknown.

Does that couch or clutch make you feel sad?

Studies should that:

* Consumers (that’s you and me) tend to buy stuff when we’re feeling low.

* That buying when we’re sad… in an attempt to cheer ourselves up… not only can hurt the budget, but can even cause our feelings to continue to hurt, every time we use or look at that clutch or couch we purchased.

Celine clutch. TGtbT.com covets this, and TGtbT.com doesn't covet much...(So THAT’s why you’ve never really enjoyed that Celine clutch as much as you thought you would.)


So maybe, just maybe, you’d feel better if you passed that couch or clutch, cardigan or cupboard, on to another person that will be happy to have it, at a profit to you.

Check out the Professional Resalers who welcome you, on our Resale Shop Directory.

What did you buy when you were feeling low, that continues to make you feel bad when you look at it?


P.S. If any of you take my advice by consigning the Celine clutch pictured here, let me know which consignment shop you used, and their phone number so I can buy it!

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The handbag snapshot is from Coolspotters.