Don’t be a Holiday Gift Zombie. Listen to the professionals.

Holiday shopping making you DIE?Went out last night. The mall was filled with holiday zombies.

You know, those well-meaning but totally exhausted shoppers who want to find the perfect gift for various loved ones… but who rapidly learn that the malls and the chain stores and the big boxes are only good for generic, bogus, really-stupid gift ideas. Like make-up kits with 200 colors, 195 of which your beloved sister wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Come on guys. Breathe new life in presenting the perfect present with these

Quick & Easy Gift Ideas from HowToConsign Sponsor Shops!

My favorite furniture consignment shop saves up re-claimable chairs all year for this idea:

A local non-profit thrift puts out all those one-of-a-kind wine glasses, showcasing them on silver trays like this:

All those beautiful silk ties… that men just don’t wear like they used to? They can be turned into elegant glasses cases:

Friends with little ones? They’d love a gently-used wallet filled with things to occupy little ones:

For more merry, thrifty holiday ideas, check out HTC’s Pinterest Board!